The Company – Who we are…

Back in 1899, master baker Karl Braun, the great-grandfather of Günther Braun, founded a bakery in Schillingsfürst in Middle Franconia / Bavaria. The bakery was run by master bakers for over three generations for 110 years as a family business. In the 4th generation, master baker and business economist Günther Braun decided to give up the bakery and start a wholesale business for seeds and animal feed. This resulted in GB-Foods GmbH, headquartered in Schillingsfürst.

Through years of experience in various bakeries – from craft to industrial bakeries – we know what truely matters in terms of raw seeds and therefore offer a wide range of baking and special seeds in biological and conventional quality.

In addition to the wholesale and retail trade, industrial and craft bakers, our family business also serves oil mills in Germany and throughout Europe. From self-cultivation and direct import to laboratory testing to cleaning, germ reduction, mixing or packaging: we offer everything you, as a customer, want. We also offer the right solution for your very special requirements!

Philosopy – What we do…

When it comes to our seeds, we don’t make any compromises – because food is trusted goods! As a retailer of baked and special seeds, we are aware of our great responsibility, so only flawless goods leave our house. For our customers, we are constantly developing our product range and range of services.

We do not only look at the markets as target groups, for us the markets are people. As a family business, we personal contact is very important to us – both with our clients and with our business partners and producers in the producer countries. We believe that trust and years of business relationships can only succed this way.

Direct Importing

In order to be able to guarantuee the high and constant quality of our products, we source our seeds directly from the producers in the respective countries of origins without any detours.

Their expertise and many years of experience in cultivation and processing have a high priority for us. By close personal contact experience, know-how and the requirements placed on our products are regularly exchanged.

Also when transporting, we always pay attention to the observance of professional conditions.

Team / Employees

Günther Braun

Günther Braun


Stella Braun

Günther Braun founded the family business in 2015. His wife Stella Braun actively supported him right from the start with a wide range of tasks and also took care of the Accounting Department.

Karl-Heinz Braun

Heinz Braun
Senior Supervisor / warehouse management

Roswitha Braun

Roswitha Braun

Also there from the beginning: Heinz and Roswitha. With a lot of experience and knowledge the two of them have been with the GB-Foods-Team since day 1.


Vivian Arnold
Purchasing & Sales


Sofia Mohr

In June 2017, the team expanded to include Vivian Arnold, who has since supported us in purchasing and sales. Additional reinforcement in the sales team came exactly one year later, in June 2018, with Sofia Mohr.





Energetic support also comes from behind the scenes: Gisela and Christine ensure that customer orders leave our house in time and also take care of packing and shipping in general.

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